Why SprutCAM X Wire EDM CAM Software?





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SprutCAM allows development of NC codes for 2-4 axis EDM machines with numerical program control.

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Common Applications

Wire EDM Contouring

The Wire EDM 2D Contouring operation is meant for generation of the wire path along the 2D contour (2-axis machining) as well as for the movement along the 2D contour with a certain tilt angle of the wire (conic or 3-axis machining). Therefore, the resulting wire path is based on one contour in contrast to 4-axis machining.

SprutCAM X Set-Up

SprutCAM X allows generation of different types of cuts: rough cuts, finish cuts, link cutting passes, cleanup cuts and after the link cutting, etc. You can also set up machining sequence, optimize cut directions, specify the wire radius compensation technique.

The Process

Electroerosion sampling is intended for removing material from areas without generation of pieces of metal that will fall out. The wire path usually starts in the initially performed holes, positioned closer to the center of the work piece and it consists of equidistant or zigzag cuts, sequentially sampling the whole material inside the pockets.